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Business of Smart Things (BOST)
is your trusted Digital & Business partner in Saudi Arabia

We have the pleasure to introduce our company “BOST” (Business Of Smart Thing) where we develop & manage multi-technology projects with high-quality PM experienced personnel to ensure timely project delivery that is within budget & scope.We also transform IT services by integrating creative sourcing models and effectively executing dynamic technological and people-centric change depending on an experience of more than 36 years since the Creation Of IIT by the owner in 1985.

At BOST, we provide guidance, creativity, and acceleration to our clients, bringing real-world distribution expertise and street smart commercials to help them solve the dynamic challenges that all businesses face in today’s exponentially evolving technology environment.

Our Services


Smart cites

By the use of Computer Vision, Big Data, and Messengers, our services secure millions of citizens by empowering city governments and security organizations


Smart health

Healthcare facilities will use the Smart Healthcare Solution to improve safety and treatment efficiency, as well as improve care quality and lower costs.


Smart marketing

It's a full-service marketing, business development, branding, and marketing company which can help your company grow and move forward in ways you never thought possible..


Professional Services

Drive business outcomes through strategic discovery, unlocking opportunities, optimizing processes, and uncovering cost savings. We offer a full life cycle, end-to-end management, and support approach, delivered through our powerful consulting engagement methodologies.

Our Solutions


AI Solutions

At BOST we manage multi-technology projects with high-quality PM experienced personnel to ensure timely project delivery that is within budget & scope


Education and Training

At BOST  we are proud to offer our customers specially tailored end-to-end ICT solutions for Enterprise Infrastructure and Applications.



BOST provides innovative solutions provided by our partners like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and OBEO.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To create an inspired environment & vehicles that attract Technology Partners, Innovators, Investors, Visionaries, Leaders & Professionals who can realize their financial & business dreams in the values & benefits we all offer to our customers

Our Vision

Our dreams are realized by utilizing years of experience through innovative technology and services we provide to our customers

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