Epigenetics. A World's First!

Our partner Muhdo is a genomics company that offers DNA and epigenetic profiling. While you are born with a fixed genetic makeup which can be analysed using our simple DNA saliva test, we can also analyse your epigenetic gene expression over time through periodic saliva testing. This enables us to calculate an extensive range of areas that you can track over time including your biological age, hearing, memory, eyesight and inflammation. The focus on inner health over external appearance sits at the heart of preventative. healthcare. Muhdo can help at every stage of life from pregnancy, infancy, adolescence, adulthood and old age.

DNA and Epigenetics Combined with Lifestyle Markers Muhdo is able to understand how your day-to-day diet affects your body at a cellular and genetic level through the science of nutrigenomics. We do this by combining your DNA profile, which stays the same over time, together with a process called epigenetics, which refers to the changes in your gene expression. This is impacted by changes in your lifestyle, diet and environment.

By utilising your mobile phone to collect key lifestyle data and periodic saliva samples, we can measure your epigenetic gene expression. We can then both monitor and improve your inner health over time by providing you with hyperpersonalised health, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations aligned to your genetic profile and your health goal. Understanding your genetics can help improve your mental health enabling you to enhance your cognitive function, creativity, working memory and reading comprehension. Muhdo can also help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, illness and even prevent injury based on your genetic code.

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Healthcare facilities will use a new generation of information technologies.

Healthcare Solution to improve safety and treatment efficiency, as well as improve care quality and lower costs.

As healthcare technologies are advancing, consumers are becoming more involved and aware of their health. Combining this with distancing protocols and the need to stay at home, the demand for remote care is encouraged more than ever. However, the current healthcare ecosystems are not as equipped with technologies that can improve patient care by updating them with patient information in real-time and enabling them to take proactive treatment measures.

Healthcare Solution for the healthcare sector enables healthcare facilities to increase safety and treatment effectiveness, improve care quality, and reduces overall expenses.

Brainworks builds trustworthy intelligent machines, and applies them to solve complex global challenges. The company leverages the latest pioneering discoveries in neuroscience to build more complete, whole-brain AI systems that society can trust with life-or-death decisions.

The first Brainworks global challenge is to reinvent an industry in crisis:  healthcare delivery for rapidly aging populations.  In Japan, Korea, Spain, and Italy there aren’t enough young caregivers to treat the increasing needs of the growing elderly community.  Brainworks is enhancing and automating healthcare delivery  from in-home tele-medicine to hospital, clinic, and nursing home care.

Ambient Biometrics

This new category of Ambient Biometric Sensors promises to transform both the patient and the physician experience.


The national-scale push to extend the walls of healthcare clinics using smartphone and computer apps.

Flexible Local + Cloud System Architecture

Systems can accommodate a range of local, and remote Cloud operations architectures to meet the need of any healthcare provider.